Sushi roll

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Sushi roll class


Price: £65/pp. £125 for two people. Book now!

Time: 3 hours Max 6 people

Date: Date: Nov 18th Sat 13:00-Fully booked

24th Fri 13:00

Dec 9th Sat 13:00-private class booked

2018 Jan 13th Sat 13:00

19th Fri 12:00

27th Sat 13:00

Feb 2nd Fri 13:00

17th Sat 13:00

24th Sat 13:00

Mar 10th Sat 13:00

17th Sat 13:00-Private class booked

23rd Fri 12:00

Apr 7th Sat 13:00

14th Sat 13:00

*If you prefer another day and time please contact me!


Making your own rolled sushi with favourite fillings! You will learn how to prepare, cook sushi rice and vineger for sushi; Hoso Maki (thin sushi roll); Ura Maki (inside out sushi roll); Te Maki (hand sushi roll) with some fillings. e.g. prawn, smoked salmon and avocado. Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette for sushi). *Vegetable filling for vegan/vegetarians. Please let me know your dietary requirements in advance.


You will learn

  • How to prepare and cook sushi rice and vineger.
  • How to make Hoso Maki, Ura Maki and Te Maki sushi.
  • How to prepare filling for sushi.
  • Cook Tamagoyaki omelette for sushi.
  • Where you can buy Japanese seasoning and ingredients.


  • All ingredients and recipes.
  • Sit down Sushi lunch in an authentic Japanese table setting.
  • Two different types of Japanese tea.
  • You can take away the sushi which you made with Bento box! Book now!