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Okonomiyaki class "As you like it" savoury pancake


Price: This class will need minimum 2 people. £55/pp Please request date

Time: 2.5 hours


Okonomiyaki is very popular savoury pancake. It is local food in Osaka (which is my hometown!) but it became famous around all Japan. Cook with your favorite ingredients e.g. pork, seafood "AS YOU LIKE IT". You will learn how to make Okonomiyaki and sauce. Chicken breast with sesame sauce.


You will learn

  • How to prepare Okonomiyaki and batter mix.
  • How to make sauce for Okonomiyaki.
  • How to make Chicken breast with cucumber sauce.
  • Where you can buy Japanese seasoning and ingredients.


  • All ingredients and recipes.
  • Afterwards we all sit down to enjoy these dishes with Japanese style.
  • Two different types of Japanese tea. Book now!