Shojin ryori-ZEN

Welcome to Japanese Cookery Classes in Beverley, Yorkshire!

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Syojin ryori "ZEN" class

Price: £140 for two people Book now

*This class needs a minimum of 2 people together from Monday to Friday. Saturday need a minimum of 3 people together.

Time: 3 hours


"Shojin Ryori", which means buddhist vegetarian cuisine, is very healthy. It is one of many Japanese style dishes and is every day food for us in Japan. We do not use any meat but even if you are not vegetarian, you will be satisfied and full after our lunch! Simply beautiful and amazing! Ikuko will teach you what is SYOJIN RYORI.



You will learn

  • How to cook vegetables Tempura.
  • How to cook Chirashi Zushi (scattered Vegetarian Sushi).
  • How to make Shira-ae (creamy Japanese Tofu salad).
  • How to cook seasonal vegetables with aromatic miso.
  • How to make Dashi (Japanese soup stock from vegetables).
  • Where you can buy seasoning and ingredients in your area.


  • All ingredients and recipes.
  • Afterwards we all sit down to enjoy all dish with Japanese style.