Learn a new skill in 2020

Welcome to Japanese Cookery Classes in Beverley, Yorkshire!

Gyoza dumpling class

Price: £135 for two people  Request date from BOOKING PAGE or by phone 07508 128807

*This class is very popular. Weekdays are easier to book and are no extra cost. Dates can be set on requested date with minimum of 2 people book together.

Time: 3 hours       

This is a very popular dish in Japan. You will learn how to make juicy Gyoza and Gyoza pastry with dipping sauce. Also we will make Takikomi gohan (Japanese mixed rice), Buta-jiru (Pork and vegetables miso soup and Goma-ae (Sesame seeds dip mix with vegetables).


You will learn                                                                                         

  • How to make home made Gyoza pastry.
  • How to make filling of Gyoza.
  • How to wrap and cook Gyoza.   
  • How to make dipping sauce for Gyoza.                                                   
  • Takikomi gohan (Japanese mixed rice).
  • Buta-jiru (Pork and vegetables miso soup.
  • Goma-ae (Sesame seeds dip mix with vegetables).                                 
  • Where you can buy Japanese seasoning and ingredients.



  • All ingredients and recipes.
  • Afterwards we all sit down to enjoy these dishes with Japanese style.